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Things on my mind lately

Life. It gives me so much to write about, but so little time to do it in. Which is precisely why I requested this evening at home. So I could write. Then I proceeded to find a bagillion (its a real number) other things to do first. Much to my husband’s amusement, as he’d ask, “So how’s the blogging going?”


So anyway. Things on my mind lately.

As my Weekly Winners stated, it was brought to my attention that my blog was blocked by Google due to malware. (Thank you, Amy, for telling me!) I have another domain name that I’ve honestly never done anything with… but its become a place I house some images used in this blog’s design. Well, that domain name got hacked (thanks to a plug-in on WordPress that was not properly updated — my bad!) and a trojan got installed onto that other domain. Domino effect occurred and even this blog got blocked until the problem was cleared up and the unsecure plug-in was, well, plugged. (Thanks to Lisey for finding and fixing that!)

This blog takes a whole tribe, I swear.

But the important thing is that all is well again, and everyone should be able to access this site again.

If the people who design and install all these viruses, etc. would put their talents to GOOD use, we’d probably have the cure for cancer by now.

Weekend Madness
I don’t write much about my husband’s trips on the road. I feel like there’s an unspoken confidentiality there that I try to respect. I also keep many of my rants and raves about “the life” for the Road Widows blog.

But this last weekend? Hoo boy! The short-version is: bus fire, canceled show, missed connector, lost guitar. ONE of these could derail a run. All four in one weekend! I was a little afraid to pick my husband up at the airport. I kinda wanted to make him take a cab lest we have an accident on the way home with the luck they had on the road. Crazy!! Can we go back to normal no-drama this coming weekend? Please?

That billboard
Grrrrr… here, let me link to this article which says it all really well. (If you don’t click it, its about the billboard that went up in Gainesville, FL that claimed they’d been annexed by “Aggie Nation.” It was only up a few hours before TAMU had it removed.)

Now, let me shake my fist at those errant individuals who seemed to think this would be funny. I’ve gotten ragged about it more than I care this week thanks to you. I was irritated personally due to how bad it made us look, but the add to it the fact that I’ve had to hear about it all week? You are not funny. You are not clever. You are not showing the true Aggie spirit going into this season in the SEC. Please stop wasting your money and donate it to good causes…

Like the Muscular Dystrophy Association! Not real happy with how the Labor Day telethon-but-its-not-a-telethon fundraiser went. Gone is the excitement of watching the numbers rise. Gone is a long period of time to bring in dollars. Yes, they got bigger names than ever before. But, dang it, I don’t watch for that! I watched for the show of hope and love. I watched because it warmed my heart just as fast as it broke it. I watched because the money raised was exciting! (We still don’t have a total, and I doubt we will. Sadness!)

And don’t EVEN get me started on how the local Nashville Fox station decided to cut the last hour and show it after the news instead of just moving the news for one night. I’m still ticked off to the -nth degree about THAT.

Please, MDA, find a way to bring back the Labor Day telethon. Please. We live in a world with blinders… the telethon gave people a view into others’ life struggles and got others to reach out and help each other. Thank you for all you do! And Thank You to everyone who donated!

I hate politics. Be it the presidential election or be it just navigating the work place. Politics stress me out.

That being said. This is the ONLY POLITICAL STATEMENT YOU’LL SEE IN THIS BLOG. So here goes. I don’t consider myself a democrat. I don’t consider myself republican. I don’t consider myself “independent.” I consider myself an American who will vote based on what I see as being the person or people who will care for this country best. So, please, don’t try to sway me that one party is the best party, because I don’t agree with that. I never have. I never will.

I love photography. I AM turning it into a career.

But to say I am disappointed that both  my weddings this year ended up off my books would be an understatement. At least one is just postponed. So that’s hopeful! Its perhaps for the best, since I was so nervous about it. But it also made me sad, and I went through about a week of just not having my usual photo-interest. Licking my wounds, for lack of a better way to describe it. But my interest is back, and I’m not giving up! I love it too much to give up.

Ahhh… I was born and raised in Texas, and there is a reason why all those football movies and TV shows get set in Texas. Football is KING.

When my brother posted on Facebook about hating to see school start. I just replied back, “But… football!”

Be it high school, college or professional. I love it. Last week I was screaming at my laptop, listening to my high school pull off a last minute win with a 2-pt conversion. I’m GIDDY to go get together with other Middle Tennessee Aggies watch Texas A&M play this Saturday. And, hey, the Cowboys won this week. A pleasant surprise for sure! Now lets see what the Titans do…

I. Love. Football. (I don’t love how it can turn normally civil people its jerks, but that’s their issue and beside the point and a post for another time.)

A photo
Since I’m not entirely sure how to end this post, I’ll leave you with a photo…

301: Downtown at sunset

The real wives of musicians (and road guys in general)

I have never watched any of the “Real Housewives of…” shows. Never cared to… too far out of reality for me. I’ve never watched any show that follows people around and documents their “real life.” (Okay, fine, maybe I have watched a few episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. And I might have endured one or two episodes of Newlyweds — remember that one?)

When I stumbled upon the Road Widows blog and started contributing, I briefly wondered why CMT doesn’t do a “Real Road Widows of Music City” or something. That could be really cool, I thought. Heck, I’d be happy to contribute to it!

I’ve chewed on this idea a few times. How would that work? I guess you’d probably focus on the wives of the artists for the biggest ratings, but what about us wives of the side guys?  I know some great women that could be featured. It could be pretty cool.

Then, as I lay in bed one night, trying to turn the brain off so I could sleep (husband snoring softly beside me… dammit, I thought, I want to sleep, too!) it hit me. It would probably be one a boring show in comparison to its reality tv peers.

See, us road widows… we aren’t generally an outlandish bunch. Many of us have regular ol’ day jobs. Others of us are your typical stay at home moms (albeit part time single-parents.) We are all more focused on putting food on the table than shopping for designer dresses and shoes. We live a life a lot closer to reality than those typical “reality” TV shows portray. It is within that that it really wouldn’t be exciting. It might pass more as educational. Recipes for one. Budgeting. How to fly solo to events. Building your own support system outside of your marriage. Balancing the craziness of “the life” with “the normal world.”

Oh sure, there would be your cool out-of-the ordinary moments. The occasional awards show. CD release parties. A glimpse at hanging backstage before a concert. (Newsflash: Soundcheck is usually pretty boring, and you do a whole lot of hurry up and waiting. Though my personal favorite drama tends to deal with security guards on a power trip.) You could spice it all up here and there!

But, quite frankly, we’re a pretty normal bunch living pretty normal lives… and quite frankly, I am VERY thankful for that.